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Zarin Setareh Mosama Company has been established since 1979 and began its commercial activity in foodstuffs, specifically Tea. After few years,  based on the country ’s  need for an evolution in food packaging and with the existent experiences and required equipment since 1998, the company started packaging various types of tea under the registered name "Mosama" and succeeded to make a great revolution in packaging imported and in-country grown tea. Now, after several years, considering the high level of quality and variety in the products of this company, it is one of the most popular brands in country ’s tea  industry. At the moment new products such as saffron, spices, powders, beans, sugar candy and biscuits have been added to its goods. Moreover, in the year 2010 after the researches done by the company ’s  R&D unit,  it prospered to register the exclusive invention of diet sweet teabags. The  company,  in line with the needs and demands of customers, has made its products and services pursuant to national and international standards, and for the first time in the country ’s tea industry was able toobtaintwolSO9001-2008 international certifications in quality management from two reputable companies such as TUV NORD in Germany and URS in England, HACCP Certificate in health and safety of the foodstuffs from URS company in England, ISO22000-2005 and ISIRI ISO 9001-1388 (NACL) from TUV NORD in Germany and Iranian National Standard Sign for its products. For the first time in the country ’s tea industry, the company received Consumer Protection Status in the three consecutive years among the12 top companies in Iran,  on Consumer Protection National Day(9th  of Esfand) the company received the statue from the Honorable President and declared as the sole holder of the status and certification of Consumer Protection in this industry. Moreover, receiving The Top Unit Statue from Food Administration in the years 2006 and 2008, Top Unit Statue from Standards Administration and Industrial Research in 2008 and a letter of appreciation for the Tops in Inventors Forum are Considered as honors for the company. In addition, an the year 2013 this company achieved Halal World sign Certificate;  besides, for the first time in country ’s tea industry the company received the Completion to the Quality Level of Iran’ s National Reward Certificate on Quality National Day (19th of Aban) in the year 2013. Our goal is to satisfy the customers and to serve Iran’s industry. Our approach is producing high quality products using boosted efficiency in any case, employing responsible experts, suitable technology alongside with advanced equipments, and working with standard ingredients.

We hope that God will lead us through the difficult journey of serving our people, so that, with  your support, this company can do a fine job in producing foodstuffs.

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  • Factory and central office address:
  • 454, Andishe 9nd, Phase 2 of Toos Industrial Town,  Mashhad.
  • Tel. No.: 051-35413080
  • Fax No.: 051-35413081
  • Customer’s voice: 051-35413080
  • Email: info@mosama.ir
  • Website: www.mosama.ir
  • For any complaints or suggestions, please text us at 30008063541380.

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Mosama products are constantly controlled and assessed by experts in fully-equipped laboratories, and all the products are guaranteed to be entirely hygienic and of highest quality. As a result, the products were chosen as the top by the Food and Sanitary products control Organization and also The Organization of standard and Industrial Research, in order to meet the needs of the customers, which is one of the basic goals of this company.

International certificate of ISO 9001:2008 in managing quality from two credible organizations Of TUVNORD in Germany and URS in UK.Certificate of ISO 22000:2005 in managing foodstuffs hygiene and safety from TUVNORD in Germany.Certificate of HACCP in foodstuffs hygiene and safety from URS in UK.




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